28th World Law Congress of the World Jurist Association


The history of the World Law Congress is as extensive as the Association’s history. It begun in Athens, in 1963, and has continued, almost unstoppable, every two years up to date.

The World Law Congress New York 2023 will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the World Jurist Association going back to its roots in the United States of America. The first day, a series of simultaneous round tables will take place, gathering more than 200 panelists from around the world, discussing current topics, encompassed in Peace Through Law, the original WJA motto.

During the Closing Ceremony on July 21, the World Peace & Liberty Award 2023 will be conferred to a world personality or institution distinguished for their commitment to the promotion of peace through law and the rule of law as a guarantor of freedom. The award has been previously presented to Sir Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, René Cassin, Felipe VI King of Spain, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the Colombian society, in hands of then President Ivan Duque.